Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council - data and IT requirements.

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 UoL DMP Document - BBSRC


BBSRC data and IT Requirements - Introduction and summary

Information correct as at July 2013.

Please refer to the full BBSRC data mangement planning guidance document.pdf

Please also refer to the University guide 'Introduction to Managing Research Data – For Researchers and Students'

The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) supports the view that publicly-funded research data is a public good, produced in the public interest and should be openly available to the maximum extent possible. The re-use of data can lead to new scientific understanding. 

Holders of BBSRC grants are encouraged and expected to follow BBSRC Policy in order to practise and promote data sharing and create a scientific culture within which data sharing is embedded. 

Summary of data requirements

  • Data must be released no later than the publication of findings and within three years of project completion.
  • Commercial interests should not “unduly delay or prevent sharing” of data funded by BBSRC.
  • Data must be available for a minimum of ten years after project end and in a form appropriate for secondary use.
  • Sharing via an appropriate, established repository is expected in research areas where such repositories exist. BBSRC is currently developing a number of such repositories as part of the Bioinformatics and Biological Resources fund.
  • Applicants for responsive research funding should complete a ‘Data Sharing Plan’ as part of their research grant proposal in order to demonstrate a willingness to share data.
  • Compliance with the BBSRC Data Sharing Policy is checked by BBSRC as part of the Final Report Assessment at the close of a project.
  • Certain data types are considered by the BBSRC to have an especially high re-use value.
  • Funding to support the management and sharing of research data can be requested as part of the full economic cost of a research project.

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