Arts & Humanities Research Council - data and IT requirements

"The AHRC is a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, along with the other UK Research Councils.

We are unique in the world as a national funding agency supporting both arts and humanities research. We use public funding of approximately £98m per annum to fund research among one quarter of the United Kingdom's research population.

Each year we provide some 700 research awards, 2,000 postgraduate scholarships, and numerous knowledge transfer awards." (AHRC Website)


University DMP Dociument - AHRC 

AHRC data and IT Requirements - Introduction and summary

Information correct as at July 2013.

Please refer to the full AHRC data mangement planning guidance document.pdf

Please also refer to the University guide 'Introduction to Managing Research Data – For Researchers and Students'

The AHRC has a responsibility to ensure that the research which it funds is achievable and high quality, and that the outputs of the research will wherever appropriate be accessible to the community over the longer term.” (AHRC Research Funding Guide)

In line with other RCUK funding councils, the AHRC is committed to the principle that those who receive research funding should take responsibility for the duration, management, and exploitation of their digital outputs (which are equivalent to the term ‘research data’, a term used by the other research councils) for future use. The AHRC recognises the need to create digital outputs in accordance with appropriate standards and best practice, to maintain adequate documentation to ensure future usability and to handle data appropriately in the short term so it can be preserved in the long term.


  • Digital outputs must be made available and accessible via an ‘appropriate repository’ for at least three years after the end of the funded project.
  • The default expectation is that all access to these outputs will be free.
  • If digital outputs are planned, a Technical Plan is submitted at the application stage. This must not exceed four pages. Suggested headings are prescribed by AHRC.
  • AHRC will cover “… appropriate costs of preparation and ingest of digital outputs” that are incurred within the funding period.

 Key Data Requirements

The AHRC has a number of specific expectations concerning funded research. Award holders are required to ensure that ‘any significant electronic resources or datasets’ are made available and accessible via an ‘appropriate repository’ for at least three years after the end of the funded project.

Applicants explain how they will do this by completing a Technical Plan at the time of application, adding it to the Je-S form as an attachment. Your Technical Plan must cover the creation of, management of, and access to any significant electronic resources that result from your AHRC-funded research.

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