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09 November 2015
"Introduction to Information Governance" training is now available via "Embedding Informatics in Clinical Education" (EICE). The University is registered as an institution so you can register against this or ask for an account via 

09 November 2015
Of particular relevance to those in CMBSP there is now an Information Governance web presence and contact point -  

09 November 2015
Our Data Management Planning documents have been updated - hard copies can be obtained if you contact 

12 May 2015
Jisc has published a new RDM strategy document - "Directions for RDM Management in UK Universities".

12 May 2015
Presentations from the Jisc Conference "Directions for RDM Management in UK Universities" (November 2014) are now available.

12 May 2015
The Partridge Review - Health & Social Care Information Centre Data Release Review. Full report (3.58 Mb) and Summary describe steps to guarantee greater openness and reassurance to the public, stricter controls over data use and better clarity for data users.

26 March 2015
The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) have published a new Research data policy underpinned by nine core principles and Data management plan guidance.  

9 March 2015
The University Research Policy Committee (RPC) and Research Infrastructure Advisory Group (RIAG) have approved new University Research Data Management Principles. This document and its content can now be quoted in research proposals. Detailed guidance will follow to provide further explanation, clarification, examples and discipline specific advice. 

12 July 2014
The NHS-HE Forum Information Governance Group have set up a training day on 2 July 2014 to promote the NHS IG Toolkit as an enabling security tool for research groups - to handle information securely, assuring confidentiality, integrity and availability. The programme and booking site are now available.

27 March 2014
Updated versions of all of our 9 Data Management Planning documents have now been uploaded to this website - An Introduction to Managing Research Data, and individual documents for funding applicants to AHRC, BBSRC, EPSRC, ESRC, MRC, NERC, STFC, and Non-RCUK.  Hard copies are also available if required - contact

28 February 2014
Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles released by the Data Citation Synthesis Group (see Citation).

17 February 2014
RDM Training - A new training resource, "Research Data Bootcamp" described as an "online research data management tutorial" has been produced by the data.bris team at the University of Bristol.  This is accessible to all and takes approximately 30 minutues.

31 January 2014
DMPonline version 4.0 - A new version of the DCC "DMPonline" (Data Management Planning) tool has gone live. You can use this web based form to create your Data Management Plan, and share it with your collaborators. 

31 January 2014
Open Access data repository pilot is looking for researchers - The Library and IT Services are working closely over the next few months to build a prototype data repository so that we can better understand researchers’ needs. This is an important pilot that will inform decisions on how the University goes forward with its research data management strategy. We hope to develop four case studies, one per College, so that we trial a diverse range of data types and applications. If you want to find out more or to become involved in the pilot, please contact Grant Denkinson, Leicester Research Archive Manager (email or call extension 2310).

04 December 2013
A University Research Data Repository Project has been approved by Research Computing Management Group as a collaboration between the Library, IT Services, and researchers - more to follow.

18 November 2013
NIHR are developing an IT collaboration platform and holding events to demonstrate its capabilities -

4 November 2013
IT Focus week (18-22 November 2013) Features a Research Data Management session on Wedenesday 20th, at 3.00pm in the Attenborough Film Theatre.

24 October 2013
New research funder specific web pages (accessible via 'Data Planning & Management - what you need to') have been created to take researchers through what they need to do about data planning and management, providing links to funder, other external and University resources.  Initially these cover AHRC, BBSRC, EPSRC, ESRC, MRC, NERC, and STFC.

23 October 2013
'Data Planning & Management - what you need to
- a new web page has been created to take researchers through what they need to do about data planning and management.  It will link to advice and instruction whether or not research is University or externally funded (initially AHRC, BBSRC, CRUK, EPSRC, ESRC, MRC, NC3Rs, NERC, NIHR, STFC, and Wellcome TrustNon-RCUK funders).

23 October 2013
Data Planning Guidance documents released
- a range of Leicester specific data planning guidance documents have now been produced and are available for use. The range includes 'An Introduction to Managing Research Data - For Researchers and Students', and 'Data Management Planning" for each of the following research funders: AHRC, BBSRC, EPSRC, ESRC, MRC, NERC, STFC, and Non-RCUK funders. For printed copies please contact

23 October 2013
Static display of RDM materials
- We are now able to mount a static display of University of Leicester specific RDM materials - posters, brochures, documents and large banners. This is suitable to be placed in University buildings for periods of time to raise awareness or at specific events or meetings.  Please contact

11 September 2013
'RDM - The Movie'
is released!
As part of a Jisc funded project a 4 minute digital story has been produced describing research and research data issues here at Leicester.

07 August 2013
As part of the Library 'Research Elevenses' series one of the the recent sessions was titled 'Don't lose your research data! Thinking about managing and securing your valuable research' - this is now available for you to watch.  

01 August 2013
A national group has been established to examine issues for University researchers when facing the need to complete the NHS Information Governance Toolkit (IGT). The NHS-HE Forum IGT Working Group will be looking to influence version 12 of the IGT for completion in 2014/15 as well as improving the understanding of the requirements for current version for completion by next March. Andrew Burnham from IT Services will be a member of this group.  

31 July 2013
A Jisc funded project 'Developing an RDM Support Service at the University of Leicester' completes today.  The project has an associated blog where you can see progress and issues faced during the project.  

31 July 2013
The UK Data Archive has published a white paper on metadata for qualitative data through the International DDI Working Group on Qualitative Data - 'A Qualitative Data Model for DDI'.  

22 April 2013
Research Data posters and brochures created by the University have recently received recognition for their effectiveness and clarity of message. They received awards at both the recent International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC) in Amsterdam, and Jisc Managing Research Data conference. Please contact if you want copies of the brochure to distribute or the poster to display.  

22 April 2013
Additional research data training resources have been made available by University of Edinburgh (Mantra) and East London (TraD).  These are aimed at librarians and those involved in supporting data management respectively. Links to these have been added to this website: Training.

19 March 2013
New guidance materials have been produced by the University of Bristol, data.bris project, covering An Introduction to Research Data Management (guidance for researchers new to the topic), and Help with Data Management Planning - linked to funder/subject specific information. 

12 March 2013
NERC made it mandatory (from 1 August 2012) to provide an outline Data Management Plan (ODMP) for all grant and fellowship applications. Where appropriate this will lead to development of a full Data Management Plan (DMP).

27 February 2013
The results and analysis of the University of Nottingham Research Data Management survey are now available and the full-text report is available here:  ADMIRe Survey Results and Analysis 2013. The survey covered several key components of research data management (RDM) practice and provides a benchmark to measure progress against the RCUK principles on data.

27 February 2013
The University of Edinburgh has released a new module of its MANTRA Research Data Management online training material - "Sharing, Preserving and Licensing". This course is an Open Educational Resource that may be freely used by anyone.

5 February 2013
The RDMRose project (Leeds, Sheffield and York) has launched taught and continuing professional development (CPD) learning materials in Research Data Management tailored for Information professionals. This and other materials can be accessed via the Training page.

30 January 2013
There is a new Digital Curation Centre resource - Disciplinary Metadata.
Elizabeth Bedford has created links to information about disciplinary metadata standards, including profiles, tools to implement the standards and use cases of data repositories currently implementing them. One can search the resource by discipline or resource type.

17 January 2013
University represented at 8th International Digital Curation Conference (Amsterdam) with presentation and poster. The poster is an award-winner.

15 January 2013
RDM Launch Event
- on Monday 21/01/2013 (pm, on campus) there will be an event with internal and external speakers. If you are interested please contact Meera Warrier -

15 January 2013
University Research Focus Week this year will take place between February 25th and March 4th 2013.

21 December 2012
The AHRC Technical Appendix replaced (as of 1/12/2012) by a Technical Summary and Plan.

26 October 2012
Suggestions for discipline specific content for the website are requested - contact

15 October 2012
University of Exeter events for International Open Access Week 22-26 October 2012.

12 October 2012
The University Research Computing Management Group approves the research data management website.

1 October 2012
JISC-British Library DataCite workshop - "Managing and citing sensitive data" (29/10/2012) now open - Registration.

1 October 2012
University Research Data Management website launched.

1 October 2012
University RDM leaflet launched.




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