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What is Figshare?

Figshare ( is the discovery layer of the University of Leicester institutional research data archive. This solution was procured and installed in order to make the University’s research outputs discoverable for sharing and citing. Key features of Figshare@Leicester:

  • Visual and clean design – we can ingest any file format, over 1000 file formats have additional functionality, as they can be previewed from browser level.
  • Discoverable – indexed in Google (including Google scholar and Google Dataset Search)
  • Citable - every deposit has a digital object identifier (DOI) minted by the British Library, Figshare also has a built in citation formatting functionality.
  • Intuitive user interface and streamlined processes for file upload and publishing.
  • Secure – data storage solution underpinning the data archive is Arkivum, fully certified and audited to the ISO 27001:2013 Standard in Information Security Management.
  • Accessible on and off campus from multiple desktop platforms.
  • Wide selection of means to control access to the files (e.g. embargo) and the re-use of the files (choice of copyright licences).

How do I register to use Figshare data archive?

If you are research active staff at the University of Leicester there is no registration required as you are already authenticated to use Figshare. Simply click log in button and you will be taken to ‘your data’ home screen (you will be asked to provide your UoL login details if logging in outside campus).

How much space do I get for my data?

By default the users have 10GB of space assigned, but it is easy to request more. There is currently no charge for storage.

What help is available?

There is a guide to Figshare for data at the University of Leicester available.

The Research Services team can provide advice and guidance on publishing your data, creating collections or projects, please email with your query.

The publishing process of research data has an element of ‘Light touch curation’ – meaning that the data outputs deposited in Figshare@Leicester will have the metadata and file format (but not the file content) checked by a Research Services Consultant prior to publication.

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