Which teaching types are recorded?

Tutor-led teaching such as lectures will be recorded automatically if you are teaching in a Reflect-equipped room. This is controlled by how the teaching sessions are described in the timetable system, CMIS.  The table below shows which CMIS categories of teaching will be covered by the automatic recording. You should not change the CMIS category to control how Reflect works, because this will also affect the Attendance Monitoring system and students' timetables.

Remember that recordings are not available to students until you choose to share them. If you do not feel a recording is suitable for sharing, you should talk to your Head of Department, as explained in the Reflect policy. If the decision to not publish is approved, you will need to provide equivalent academic content (e.g. lecture slides and notes) and explain to your students why the recording won't be shared.

CMIS (timetable) codeDescription
CMP CLS Computer class
DEBRF Debrief
DIS PRES Dissertation Presentation
EXP Example Class
FEEDBACK Feedback Session
HOD Head of Department Talk
IND Induction
LAB Laboratory
LANG CLS Language Class
LEC Lecture
LEC COMPUL Compulsory Grammar Lecture
LEC REC Lecture Recorded
PRAC Practical
PRES Presentation
RA LEC Rearranged Lecture
RES SEM Research Seminar
REV CLS Revision Class
REV LEC Revision Lecture
SSK SESS Study Skills Session

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Need help with Reflect?

For urgent problems with Reflect please call teaching room support on 0116 252 2919. Make sure you have to hand the module code and start/end times of the teaching event.

For any technical problems with the Reflect software or equipment please contact the IT Service Desk.

Phone: 0116 252 2253
Email: ithelp@le.ac.uk

For general Reflect enquiries please email: lli@le.ac.uk