Online tutorial Watching a Reflect recording (online tutorial)

When watching a Reflect recording, you may not need to watch the whole recording again.  Instead there may be certain sections that you want to watch, maybe something that you didn't quite understand first time or that you want to remember more clearly.

You can quickly find the section you want using the table of contents, slide thumbnails and also by searching, as described below. You can search for text that appears on slides or elsewhere on the screen and also words and phrases that are spoken. This is because Panopto uses both Optical Character Recognition and Automated Speech Recognition in their search system. It can take up to two days from when a recording is made for spoken words to be searchable, but written text should work much sooner than this

Search within a single recording

  1. Find the recording in Blackboard and click on the link to watch it.
  2. Click on an item on the Contents tab to jump to a different part of the recording. 
    Panopto contents
  3. You can also click on the slide thumbnails on the bottom right.
    Image showing thumbnails
  4. Type in the Search this recording box then press Enter to search for a word or phrase in the PowerPoint slides, other text or spoken words
    Search this recording

Search all recordings

As well as searching within a single recording, you can also search all recordings that are available to you.

  1. While watching a video, click Panopto in the top left of the screen
    Panopto symbol
  2. Type your search in the Search box at the top of the screen
    Search all sessions
  3. You will see a list of all the recordings available to you that contain the word or phrase you searched for, either as text or spoken word. You can also see where the term appears in each recording. Click on the link to watch that portion of the recording.
    Search results

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    Need help with Reflect?

    For urgent help, when equipment is not working in a teaching room, call Teaching Room Support on 0116 252 2919.

    Contact the IT Service Desk for all other technical problems, such as issues with Reflect recordings. Make sure you provide the module code and start/end times of the teaching event.

    Phone: 0116 252 2253

    For general Reflect enquiries about the use of Reflect in your teaching, email