Video assignments

Students are now able to make and upload their own videos using Panopto. You can integrate this into a Blackboard assignment or as part of collaborative work such as in discussions or wikis.

How to set up a Blackboard assignment with video submission

  1. Go to the Assessment and Feedback area of your Blackboard course.
  2. Choose Assessments > Assignment from the menu at the top of the page.
  3. Enter the title of your assignment.
  4. In the Instructions box click on Mashups and choose Panopto Student Video Submission. If the Mashups option is not visible, click Show More on the top right first.
    Panopto student video submission
  5. Step-by-step instructions for students will appear in the box, including a link to the Panopto personal folder. You can add additional text in here if needed.
  6. Enter the rest of the assignment details including due date, points possible, rubric and assignment availability.
  7. For group assignments, open the Submission Details section and choose the Group Submission option. Select all the groups who will be submitting.
    Group submission
  8. Click Submit to create the assignment.
  9. With this type of assignment, students can see their marks as soon as you enter them. To prevent this and release the marks all in one go, you need to hide the column in the Grade Centre:
    1. Choose Control Panel > Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre.
    2. Scroll across to find the column for your group assignment.
    3. Choose Hide from students (on/off) from the menu on the column heading.
      Hide grades

How to mark

  1. Go to Control Panel > Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre.
  2. Find the column for your assignment. You may need to scroll over to the right.
  3. In the column, you will see two dashes for students who haven’t submitted, and a ‘Needs Marking’ symbol for those who have submitted. To mark a piece of submitted work, click on the chevron next to the Needs Marking symbol and choose the Attempt.
  4. You can now click on the link to the submitted video, and download any additional submitted documents. When you are ready to enter marks and feedback, click in the Attempt box on the right. Enter a mark, choose options from the rubric (if using) and enter any overall comments in the Feedback to Learner box. Click Submit when you have finished.
    Feedback for learner

Release marks and feedback to students

When you are ready to release the marks and feedback to students, go back to the Grade Centre and select the Hide from students (on/off) menu option for the column, as described above.
Students will then be able to access their marks and feedback from the Feedback and grades link in the Assessment and Feedback area of the Blackboard course, or from My Marks on the Blackboard Home page.

Create other video sharing activities

You can ask students to create and share video and audio files without making it part of a Blackboard assignment, for example you might want to ask students to create a video and ask their peers to provide feedback on it. To enable this set up a Blackboard tool such as a discussion board or a wiki in the normal way. This will automatically make the Mashups feature available when students contribute.

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