Tips for effective audio and video capture

Recording lectures

Reflect will default to recording audio and the screen only, not video from the camera. If you want to record from the camera then you will need to do a manual recording.

Audio quality

The microphones in the lecture theatres and seminar rooms will pick up your voice even if you wander around while teaching. You do not have to stand still at the lectern. If the room is equipped with roaming microphones then these will be picked up in the recording.

Using video

If you want to record video from the camera then you will have to start a manual recording. There will be photos in the Rooms directory to show you which areas of the room will be captured in the recording. You can also see this in the video preview when setting up your recording.

Choose Ultra for quality.

Tips when teaching

When pointing at something on the screen, use the mouse rather than a laser pointer to ensure that this will be captured in the recording.

If you want to record yourself writing on a whiteboard/chalkboard, the recording will work best if you use a visualiser (document camera) instead. This will also be easier for the students in the room to see as it is projected onto the screen and you will be more audible to students, since you will be facing them rather than the board.

If it is not possible to use a visualiser then you can do a manual recording and record video from the camera as described above. However there is no guarantee that the writing will be visible in the final recording. To maximise the visibility of the writing in the video, check the video preview to see which boards will be included in the recording. You will need to write large using a good quality pen and make sure that there is as much contrast as possible between the pen and the board colour. This will also help to make the writing easy to read for students in the room.

Recording at your desk

If you are making a recording at your desk then you need to login to Panopto and do a manual recording.

Audio quality

If you are recording video of yourself as well as audio, then the webcam microphone should be sufficient to record your voice effectively. If you are not recording video then you can use a headset with a microphone.

You need to select the audio source and adjust the recording level as described on the Manual Recordings pages.

Using video

Check the video preview to see what will be captured in your recording. Make sure you choose Ultra for quality.

Video preview

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