Share a recording with more than one Blackboard course

In general, a recording is only available to the students on that module.  However there may be occasions when you need to share a recording with more than one Blackboard course, for example if both campus-based and distance learning students are studying the same material or if you have recorded a general introduction that is relevant to more than one group of students.  If any student contributions have been recorded you would either need to get their consent to share the recording more widely, or edit the recording to remove their contributions.

In order to share a recording with more than one Blackboard course you need to be an Instructor on both Blackboard courses. There is currently a problem that means that the Panopto Video option in Blackboard will show a text list of recordings rather than the usual video list if you set your Blackboard course up in this way.  An alternative is to copy the recording to the folder for the other Blackboard course.

In this example, we have recorded the lecture for course XX1000 but also want to make it available in course XX1001.

Initial setup (only has to be done once)

  1. Login to Blackboard and go to the course that you want to share the recordings with, XX1001 in our example
  1. Click the 'Reflect' Recordings option in the course menu on the left
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Configure (or Re-Configure) button
  3. Choose the course for which the recordings were made, XX1000 in our example
  4. Click Add>> to add the course to the list of Selected Folders
  5. Click Submit

Link to recordings from another course

Once you have carried out the initial setup as described above, you can just add the links in the usual way but choosing the folder for the course for which the recordings were made.  So, in our example:

  1. Login to Blackboard and open course XX1001
  2. Choose Tools > Panopto Video Link
  3. Choose the folder for XX1000
  4. Select the recording
  5. Click Submit

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