You can add a quiz at any point in a recording, which may be useful for checking student understanding of a topic and increasing engagement with recordings. A quiz can contain Multiple Choice, True/False, Multiple Answer and Fill in the Blank questions. Depending on how you set the quiz up, students may be able to retake the quiz and review the answers. You can see the quiz results and download them.

To add a quiz:

  1. Edit your recording and click at the point in the timeline where you would like to add a quiz.
  2. Click the Add Content button above the timeline and choose to Add a quiz.
    Add a quiz
  3. Add your questions. You can also enter an explanation of the correct answer that the students will see when they review the quiz.
  4. When you have added all your questions, click Done
  5. Choose whether you want students to be able to retake the quiz. You can also choose whether the grade is displayed, whether students can review correct answers and explanations and whether they have to answer the questions before the video will continue playing.
    Quiz options
  6. Click Finish
  7. You can see the quiz results from the Settings screen, under Quiz Results. This shows you a summary of the results, detailed results per question and the names of the students who completed the quiz. You can download this information.

For more information, see Panopto's Quizzing help page.

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