Manual recordings (Windows)

Teaching room PCs

You may need to start a manual recording on a teaching room PC if you want to use the camera or visualiser (document camera) or if you want to record something other than a lecture.  To make a manual recording on a teaching room PC:

  1. If a scheduled automatic recording has started, it is best to stop this manually before you start a manual recording. You can stop an automatic recording from the Panopto option on the taskbar, as described under Stopping a recording early.  (Please note that starting a manual recording will stop any automatic recording currently running on that computer, but to avoid problems it is best to manually stop the automatic recording first.)
  2. Then follow the steps under Make a manual recording below.

University staff computer

You can use Reflect on University staff computers to make recordings from your desk. To do this you will need to install Panopto from the Software Centre. If you use a Mac go here. You also need to ensure your computer has a microphone (either built in or plugged in) and a webcam (if you want to record your face).

A small number of webcams and USB microphones are available to borrow from IT Services for occasional use. However if you need to use the equipment regularly then your department should buy some recording equipment. It is available relatively cheaply; IT Services usually recommend headsets and webcams from Microsoft, which work well with Panopto.

Once you have installed Panopto and plugged in the microphone and/or webcam, follow the steps under Make a manual recording below.

Personal (non-University) PC

You can download Panopto and make recordings on Windows and MacOS X computers, but unfortunately it is not possible to record on a Linux computer. In order to make a recording on your own computer, you will need to have a microphone and/or webcam.

If you want to make recordings on your own computer, you need to install the Panopto Recorder as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose Blackboard from the Sign in using list
  3. Click Sign In
    Sign in to server
  4. Login using your University IT account username and password
  5. Click Download Panopto in the top right of the screen
    Download Panopto
  6. Follow the instructions to download and install the appropriate version for your computer.
  7. Once you have installed Panopto, follow the steps under Make a manual recording below.

Make a manual recording

Start Panopto and login

  1. Double-click the Panopto shortcut on the Desktop
    Panopto shortcut
  2. If prompted, login with your University IT account username and password

Choose your Blackboard course

The Folder corresponds to the Blackboard course for this lecture. If the folder name is Offline Recording then the recording will not be uploaded.

Recording folder

  1. To change the folder name, click the arrow to the right of the folder name and choose a different Blackboard course.
  2. If you want to, you can change the name of the recording. Enter a title where it says Name.

Audio and Video

Audio and video inputs

  1. Choose the video camera or visualiser (document camera) from the Video list under Primary Sources. If you don’t want to record from the video camera or visualiser, you can choose None.
  2. Make sure the correct Audio source is selected. If you talk you should be able to see the lights moving. At full volume, the lights should be mainly green and yellow with only occasional red. Drag the slide to adjust the levels.
  3. You can also select the option to Capture Computer Audio if you want to record sound coming from the computer. This might be useful if you are playing a video that you want to include in your recording, but remember that the video sound will also be picked up by the microphone in the room. The best advice is to move the slider to minimum while you play the video and the back up again afterwards to avoid recording the sound twice.
  4. If you have any other video sources, for example if you want to record the visualiser (document camera) as well as video from the camera, click Add Another Video Source and select the appropriate option.
  5. If you are not using PowerPoint then you can un-check the Capture PowerPoint option.


  1. Click Record to start recording
    Record button
  2. If you need to pause the recording, open Panopto and click the Pause button. Please note that Panopto will continue to record when it is paused, so if you forget to resume the recording then you will not lose anything. The paused sections will be hidden from viewers in the same way that edited section are hidden rather than actually deleted. Click Resume when you are ready to start recording again. The indicator light does not work for manual recordings.
    Pause and resume
  3. When you have finished recording, open Panopto and click the Stop button.
    Stop button
  4. If you want to keep your recording, click Upload. You also have the option to delete the recording and start again.
    Upload or delete
  5. Close Panopto before you log off the PC

The recording will then be processed, which takes a few minutes. You will get an email when your recording is ready. Until you receive this email, you cannot edit or preview your recording.

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