Automatic Recordings

Automatic recordings

If you are recording a timetabled teaching session, then the recording will start and stop automatically. In order for this to work the computer in the teaching room must be switched on, although you do not need to log in. Be aware that if the green light in the room is on then the teaching PC's screen will be recorded.

You can just teach as usual and do not need to take any further action unless you wish to pause your recording. For example, you may want to pause the recording to hide sections that you do not wish to be available to viewers. This may include:

  • Students entering the room at the start of the session
  • Questions from students who have opted out of being recorded
  • Group work or other discussions where recording may inhibit people and would in any case not be useful to listen to again

Please note that Panopto will continue to record when it is paused, so if you forget to resume the recording then you will not lose anything. The paused sections will be hidden from viewers in the same way that edited section are hidden rather than actually deleted.

The easiest way to pause and resume a recording is using the Indicator light attached to the computer:

Indicator light off

What do the colours mean?

Indicator light off Indicator light green Indicator light amber
Ready to start recording Recording Paused

If the light is red then there is a fault with Panopto.

Controlling the recording with the light

Current status:Recording scheduled to start within 15 minutesRecordingPaused
Indicator light off Indicator light green Indicator light amber
Pressing the button will... Press and hold for 5 seconds to start the scheduled recording immediately

Press and release to pause the recording

Press and release to resume the recording

How are automatic recordings named?

Automatic recordings are given a standard name that is composed of <Event title> <Module code> <Room number> <Date and time>.

For example: Exploring Poetry AE2306 ATT 204 24-Sep-2016 09:00

Stopping a recording early

If you finish teaching before the scheduled end time, you can just press the indicator light to pause the recording until the end of the session.  Panopto will continue recording but the paused section will be hidden from viewers.

Alternatively, if you are logged in then you can stop a recording early as follows:

  1. Click the arrow on the taskbar to show hidden options
    Show hidden icons
  2. Click the Panopto Remote Recorder option
    Panopto remote recorder
  3. Click Stop
    Panopto remote recorder - stop

You can also use the function keys to control your recordings:  F9 to pause/resume recording and F10 to stop a recording.

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Need help with Reflect?

For urgent help, when equipment is not working in a teaching room, call Teaching Room Support on 0116 252 2919.

Contact the IT Service Desk for all other technical problems, such as issues with Reflect recordings. Make sure you provide the module code and start/end times of the teaching event.

Phone: 0116 252 2253

For general Reflect enquiries about the use of Reflect in your teaching, email