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Online tutorial Editing in Reflect (online tutorial)

For the majority of the time you will probably only need to do basic editing, for example, removing sections at the beginning and end of your recording. Sometimes, however, you may wish to do more advanced editing, such as combining two recordings together, adding new slides into a recording or embedding a YouTube video.

Edit or delete a slide

Click on the ‘Slides’ option on the left of the screen.

Editing - Slides option

To edit or delete a slide hover over the slide you wish to change.

Editing - edit or delete slide

Click on the dustbin symbol to remove the slide from the presentation. This will only remove the slide, it won’t remove the audio or video.

Editing a slide will allow you to change the title that appears in the Table of Contents, the time the slide appears and keywords for searching.

Editing - edit slide


Add a slide

To add a new slide or slides, click ‘Add a presentation’ at the top of the list of slides.

Editing - add a presentation

Browse to find the PowerPoint file to upload. The presentation will take a few seconds to upload and will appear at the bottom of the list of slides. If the 'Processing' message appears for longer than you would expect, try refreshing your browser a few times. Sometimes the process is actually complete but this does not show on the screen.

Click on the timeline where you’d like to add the slide, then move your mouse over the slide you want to bring in and click the plus sign.

Editing - add a slide


Add another recording

In order to add another recording, you need to open the first recording in the Advanced Editor. Please note the advanced editor is not supported in Chrome or Edge, so you need to use Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox to edit.

  1. Open the recording for editing in the usual way, as described on the Edit a recording page
  2. Click on More… on the left of the screen.
    Advanced editor - more
  3. Choose Open in advanced editor.
    Advanced editor - open


To add another recording into your presentation, select the Streams tab then click on the ‘Add a video’ button on the bottom left of the screen. Choose the 'Add another session' tab, then either search or browse through your recordings to find the one you want.

For New Session Position choose Start or End if you want to bring in the recording at the start or end of your original recording, or to add the recording in the middle choose ‘Click to position’.

Advanced editor - add video

You can then click on the timeline where you would like the second recording to appear. You can edit this recording in the same way as usual.

Add a YouTube video

You can embed a YouTube video into your recording. You can choose where in your recording to insert the YouTube video, how much of the YouTube video should play and whether or not the YouTube controls should be visible.

When editing your recording, click on the option at the bottom of the Table of Contents to add a YouTube video:

Add YouTube

Then choose your options:

Link, position and portion to play.

Click Done and Publish when you have finished

More information

For more information, see Panopto's Advanced Editor help page.

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