Instructions for tutorials and assessments

You can use Reflect to record instructions for students, for example for use in tutorials or to explain assessments. This can save you time in having to repeat the instructions many times and enables students to access the instructions whenever they need to.


How have others done this?

Cas Kramer in the Department of Genetics at the University of Leicester developed an educational board game about evolution that is used during tutorials. Since there are over 300 students on the module, the group has to be split into 9 tutorial groups, some of which happen simultaneously thus making it impossible for Cas to deliver the instructions for the game in person. Therefore he recorded a short video explaining the purpose of the game and how they should use it. This works well because all students get the same introduction and they can see that the game was developed by their module convenor, making it more relevant to them.

Andrew Wills from the Department of Chemistry at UCL recorded short videos giving students advice on how to answer exam questions, to help with the transition from school to University.


How can I do it?

You can install Reflect on your own computer and make a recording. This allows you to create short videos and share them on Blackboard.

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Need help with Reflect?

For urgent help, when equipment is not working in a teaching room, call Teaching Room Support on 0116 252 2919.

Contact the IT Service Desk for all other technical problems, such as issues with Reflect recordings. Make sure you provide the module code and start/end times of the teaching event.

Phone: 0116 252 2253

For general Reflect enquiries about the use of Reflect in your teaching, email