Good feedback can be as valuable a learning method as any teaching; in the case of distance learning programmes, feedback is often one of the main teaching and learning activities. It should be clear, timely, relevant and positive. Reflect can be used to deliver video feedback to students.


How have others done this?

Dylan Williams in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Leicester has used Panopto to record sessions giving feedback to students on exams. He records the presentation portion of the session and edits out the discussion.

As part of the University of Derby’s Flexible Feedback Project they have used Panopto on an iPad app to record video feedback, which students could access in their own time through Blackboard.


How can I do it?

Students could submit copies of their assignments electronically and then you could mark them with video feedback, by recording yourself and a screencast of the student’s essay. This can save time as a tutor as it can be quicker to say feedback than to type or write it. It also allows for more nuanced feedback, as it can be easier to explain some feedback verbally, rather than written down, where it may be more difficult to explain subtleties in tone.


Further Reading and Resources

Flexible feedback project at Uni of Derby.

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