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Will all my lectures be recorded?

Reflect will be available in all centrally timetabled and Reflect-equipped rooms (there will be a Reflect poster to indicate this) so any teaching that takes place in those rooms may be recorded. When a lecture is being recorded there will be an indicator light at the front of the room, and where applicable a PowerPoint slide reminder.

Some teaching, such as tutorials, group work and seminars are unlikely to be recorded. You have a right to opt-out of being captured - if you don't want to be recorded please express your wish before speaking so that your lecturer can pause the recording. If a lecturer has chosen not to publish a recording they will explain the decision to you and make equivalent academic content available (lecture notes, slides, etc).

Can I upload Reflect recordings to the internet (eg, YouTube or other social media)?

No. The recordings are for your own personal use only. Recordings are only made available within Blackboard to students who are registered on the module for which the recording was made. You are not permitted to share them outside of that platform without the express permission of the member of staff who made the recording.

The Reflect policy states that 'Students who download, copy, circulate, or edit Reflect recordings may be subject to disciplinary proceedings'.

When will recordings be available to watch?

If a lecture has been recorded it will be available through your Blackboard course shortly after your lecture.

Does this mean I can miss lectures?

No. Reflect is provided to support your learning, and not as a replacement for attending teaching sessions. The attendance policy remains the same.

What is recorded?

Usually the presentation (whatever is shown on the screen during the lecture), the lecturer's voice, and anything shown on a visualiser. The lecturer can also choose to use a video of themselves, or of any other teaching aids, such as the whiteboard, etc. The majority of the cameras are placed towards the front to middle of the room and point towards the teaching area.

How do I access the recordings?

The recordings will be in the relevant module in Blackboard.

What device can I play the recording on?

Reflect recordings can be played on most web-enabled devices - desktop and laptop computers, iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets etc.

Can I use Reflect recordings as evidence in complaints and appeals?

No. Reflect recordings cannot be submitted, considered, accessed or reviewed in student appeals and complaints.

Can I opt-out of being captured?

Yes you can opt-out of having your teaching session contributions recorded. If you don't want to be recorded please express your wish before speaking so that your lecturer can pause the recording. However the Reflect policy states that, 'Students may not opt-out of recordings that form part of a University award (e.g. summative assessments), unless there are exceptional circumstances or they have a recognised disability'.

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Need help with Reflect?

For urgent help, when equipment is not working in a teaching room, call Teaching Room Support on 0116 252 2919.

Contact the IT Service Desk for all other technical problems, such as issues with Reflect recordings. Make sure you provide the module code and start/end times of the teaching event.

Phone: 0116 252 2253

For general Reflect enquiries about the use of Reflect in your teaching, email