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What types of sessions can I record?

Only tutor-led sessions such as lectures will be recorded automatically; see the list of teaching types that are recorded automatically..

However Reflect can be used in most types of teaching situation. It is very effective as a revision tool in traditional lectures, but can also be used in seminars, tutorials, group work, assessment, feedback and practical sessions. In situations where students will be involved in discussions it is important to check whether they are happy to be recorded. In some cases recording the discussion will not be meaningful or enhance learning. You may therefore choose to record the start and end of these sessions to provide a context and summary of the debate.

You can also record on your own computer to create content for distance learning courses or 'flipped classroom' teaching; students may be asked to watch the recording before a seminar, and then the face-to-face time is used for in-depth discussions.

Is Reflect compulsory?

If you choose not to make your recording available to students, you will need to inform your Head of Department and communicate the decision made to your students and make equivalent academic content available (lecture notes, slides etc).

Will Reflect affect student attendance?

There have been relatively few studies on the effect of capturing lectures on student attendance, but evidence showed during the pilot phase of lecture capture at the University that there was not a significant drop in student numbers in lectures. Research indicates that often the fall in attendance is due the time and day that the lecture takes place and the purpose and format of your lecture - is learning enhanced by the contact time? what is the lecture being used to achieve? Is a didactic 'traditional' lecture the most effective way to teach a concept and guide students to independent learning?

A study by Queen's University Belfast showed that recording lectures had little or no effect on attendance, and that students are more likely to see the recordings as reinforcement of class teaching rather than a replacement for it.

Can I stop recording partway through a lecture?

Yes, you can either pause or stop a recording at any time during your teaching session. See the Automatic recordings page for how to do this. Please note that Panopto will continue to record when it is paused, so if you forget to resume the recording then you will not lose anything. The paused sections will be hidden from viewers in the same way that edited section are hidden rather than actually deleted.

Do I have to record a video of my face?

No, the default is to only record audio and what is shown on your screen (eg, PowerPoint slides) so your image won't be recorded  unless you specifically choose to use the camera. If making a long recording for distance learning students it is advisable to only record audio and slides otherwise it can take a long time to download.

Which rooms can I record in?

Reflect is available in all centrally timetabled and Reflect-equipped rooms and you will also be able to install it on University staff computers. In the following year the service is expected to be extended to departmental teaching rooms. Information on which rooms are equipped for Reflect is available in the Rooms directory.

How does the university actively protect lecturers, so that these recordings are not used in public media or in a defamatory manner?

The download feature for students is not enabled and if they were to create a work around to do this then they may face disciplinary action.

This is something that we have stressed in the animation we have created on the policy implications for students, which has been circulated to departments too.

Students have for a long time been using their mobile devices to create personal recordings, even though they shouldn’t have been without consent. By offering a service that centrally provides captures you should be better protected from this type of conduct. We have PowerPoint slides you can use to communicate this to your students at the start of your sessions.

How will a lecturer know if a student has opted out?

It is for the student to let their wishes be known. We are working with the SU on communication to students and training course reps. We have created and are continuing to build resources to help streamline the management of student opt-out.

Will the external examiner have access to these recordings?

If they have access to your Blackboard course sites then they will. If this is something that you require them to be able to do and they don't have access to Blackboard then there are ways that members of staff can download the materials for viewing outside of the VLE.

Will the recordings be available to students who use assistive technology?

The Reflect capture system is compatible with industry standard accessibility software, to enable students access to recordings.

What is the value of using Reflect?

Our pilot has showed that students value being able to revisit or catch-up on lectures and navigate easily to the content they need. If students do not speak English natively or may have trouble keeping up and taking notes, they are able to look over the content in their own time. The system allows you to change the speed of a recording to make it easier to understand, and can be paused, and searched by keyword. If a teaching session covers new or complicated terminology, watching a recording can help students to remember.

Using a 'flipped classroom' approach provides more opportunities for interaction during face-to-face time. Students can be asked to view course materials in their own time, and then topics can be explored in more detail during contact time. This also allows disabled students time to engage with the materials in advance of a session, which is important with the recent changes to Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA).

It is also ideal for when students can't be present in a lecture, for example distance learning students, or pathways students where there might be a timetabling clash.

Can I see whether students have viewed my recordings?

Yes. Go to and click on 'Show all Sessions'. Hover over your recording, and choose 'Stats'. This will then give you data about who has viewed your recording, and how long for.  For more details, see the page on how to Check your viewing figures.

What happens if a teaching session is timetabled for more than one module?

For automatic recordings, the recording will be made for the module that is listed first in the timetabling system (CMIS). You can then copy the recording to any other Blackboard course sites as required.

Who receives the email when a recording is ready?

When a recording has been processed and is ready for sharing, you will receive an email. For automatic recordings, the person listed in the timetable system (CMIS) as the owner will receive the email. For manual recordings, the person who logged into Panopto will receive the email.

What should I do if I can't find my recording?

Check the email that you received when the recording was processed.  At the top of this email it shows you which folder your recording is saved in. The folder corresponds to a Blackboard course site, so you can see which Blackboard course site to check.

If your lecture was recording automatically and the folder says "NoBbCourse", this means that Reflect doesn't know which Blackboard course site your recording belongs to. In this case you should contact the IT Service Desk by phone (x2253) or using IT Self Service (link on the top right of the IT Services web page). You will need to provide the following information:

  • Module name and code
  • Room
  • Date and time of the teaching session

For example:  Advanced Physical Chemistry CH7041 BENL LG85 19-Sep-2016 09:00

If you have not received an email and cannot find your recording, contact the IT Service Desk with the information listed above.

I'll be showing a video during my lecture. Will I have to edit this out of the recording?

Copyright is of particular relevance where lectures are being recorded. A variety of works are protected under copyright law, including text, film, sound recordings, photographs and diagrams. Extracts from such works can be used in recorded lectures under a variety of educational exceptions and licences, but it is the responsibility of each staff member, or visiting lecturer, not to infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties. The Copyright Service team are available to advise on any queries you may have and specific information on copyright and lecture capture is available.

The green light hasn't come on. How can I tell whether my recording is working?

There have been some problems with the indicator lights and they don't always come on, even when Reflect is recording successfully. You can check whether your recording is working as follows:

  1. Click the arrow on the taskbar to show hidden options
    Show hidden icons
  2. Have a look at the Panopto Remote Recorder option. If the recording is working, it will have a red circle next to it and say 'Recording' when you hover your mouse over it.
    Panopto remote recorder
  3. If your recording is not working, you can start a manual recording.

I want to use the camera in a lecture theatre but it is pointing in the wrong direction

The PTZ cameras in the lecture theatres can often be controlled remotely. If you are in a lecture theatre and find the camera is pointing in the wrong direction, phone 0116 252 2219 and a technician may be able to correct this for you.

PTZ camera:


I'm overrunning by a few minutes, how can I extend my recording?

It is possible to extend an automatic recording by 5 minutes, as shown in this short video:  Online tutorial How to extend a recording.

However bear in mind that the following recording will still end at the same time, so if you extend your recording then the next recording will have its length reduced.

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Need help with Reflect?

For urgent help, when equipment is not working in a teaching room, call Teaching Room Support on 0116 252 2919.

Contact the IT Service Desk for all other technical problems, such as issues with Reflect recordings. Make sure you provide the module code and start/end times of the teaching event.

Phone: 0116 252 2253

For general Reflect enquiries about the use of Reflect in your teaching, email