Office Move booking form

Complete this form to organise your office move.

Network sockets

It is important that you record your network socket numbers of the location you are moving to so that IT Services can check that the network ports are active. If you are unable to obtain the network socket numbers (e.g. due to an obstruction in front of the network socket) please indicate this on the form.

Record your network socket numbers

Most University computers are connected to a network socket. You will need to visit the location you are moving to and record the network socket numbers, like this:

Network Socket Number

In this diagram the network socket numbers are G137 and G138


Smart Printer are strategically located and so are not to be moved. If your new location does not have the required printing facilities contact IT Service Desk to discuss this.

Office Networked Printers

If you have a desktop printer these can be moved during the office move. If you have a networked office printer these are identifiable as they are usually labelled with a name such as ‘IT_Printer_12345’. Record your network printer as a new line on the booking form.

If a printer is no longer required contact IT Service Desk to arrange for safe disposal or reuse. You can alternatively ask the porters to bring this back during your move.

Booking your office move

Download the Office move booking formWord icon to record information about each person who is moving.

* Tip - When copying between tables use the 'Paste' > 'Overwrite Cells' option when right clicking to paste. This will save time duplicating some information.

Once complete enter your details below, attach the booking and click Submit.

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