Civil Safety and Security PhD and MPhil

Apply for a PhD or MPhil in Civil Safety and Security
How to Apply
  1. Look at our staff research interests and find a staff member whose research interests are compatible with the area you want to work in
  2. Contact the School of Business to discuss the area you want to research:

You can then submit your application:

The Civil Safety and Security Unit is part of our School of Business and has a well-established international reputation for its work.

The Unit’s course directors provide consultancy services to blue chip companies and have acted as special advisors to a number of parliamentary inquiries into defence and security. It also has good links with the Cabinet Office’s Emergency Planning College.

Our Research Degrees

The Civil Safety and Security Unit offers supervision for the degrees of:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

- Full-Time

- Part-Time

  • Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

- Full-Time

- Part-Time

Supervisors and Research Areas

We offer PhD and MPhil supervision in areas that are compatible with the research interests of our academic staff, which include:

  • Contingency Planning
  • International Security
  • Public Unrest
  • Aviation Safety and Security
  • Business Continuity Management

Find a supervisor in your research area

PhD and MPhil Description

Candidates are required to submit a written thesis of 80,000 words (PhD) or 50,000 words (MPhil) which is assessed in an oral examination.

The thesis must be submitted for examination within the following periods of registration:

Mode of StudyNormalMaximum
MPhil Full-Time One Year Two Years
MPhil Part-Time Two Years Four Years
PhD Full-Time Three Years Four Years
PhD Part-Time Four Years Seven Years

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