International Relations and Security Studies PhD and MPhil Supervisors

Dr Bleddyn Bowen

  • Space warfare, space policy, space security
  • Strategic theory and military philosophy
  • Modern warfare
  • Seapower theory
  • Contemporary maritime strategy
  • Technology and war

Professor Mark Phythian

  • Post-9/11 Security Issues
  • Issues in Intelligence
  • War and British Politics
  • Origins of the 2003- War in Iraq

Dr Helen Dexter

  • Political violence
  • War and conflict
  • Ethics and law in the context of war
  • Narrative approaches to international politics

Dr Robert Dover

  • International security
  • Issues in intelligence
  • British and European defence and security
  • The arms trade and defence industries
  • European trade politics (with the wider world)

Dr Andrew Futter

  • Nuclear Weapons Policy, Nuclear Deterrence, and Nuclear Non-Proliferation
  • Contemporary US Foreign and Security Policy
  • Strategic Studies
  • Diplomatic History

Dr Tara McCormack

  • Security (Theory and Practices), Sovereignty, Agency, and Intervention after the Cold War
  • Changing Theorisation of War and Conflict in the Developing World
  • The Yugoslav Break-Up and Wars

Dr Jon Moran

  • Security studies; the continuing power of the state in the international system and specifically in the role of the state and military and intelligence agencies both domestically and internationally.

Dr Elke Schwarz

  • International Political Theory
  • Ethics of political violence
  • UAVs and autonomous weapons systems
  • Security studies
  • Trans- and post-humanism

Dr Zakia Shiraz

  • Latin American Politics
  • Intelligence in the Global South
  • Civil Conflict
  • International Security

Dr Kelly Staples

  • International Relations Theory (especially, but not limited to, International Political Theory)
  • Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons
  • Human Rights

Dr David Strachan-Morris

  • Intelligence
  • Counterinsurgency, low intensity conflict and military interventions
  • The private security industry (private security companies and/or private military companies)
  • International security
  • Internal state security

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