Institutions, Participation, Public Opinion, Parties and Comparative Politics PhD and MPhil Supervisors

Dr Ben Clements

  • The European Union and British Politics
  • Public opinion of foreign policy issues in Britain
  • Religion and Politics in Britain

Dr Simona Guerra

  • Euroscepticism and Populism
  • Religion and Politics
  • The Domestic Politics of European Integration
  • Governance and Corruption

Mr James Hamill

  • Southern Africa, especially South Africa’s post-1990 Transition, but also the Wider Postcolonial Experience

Mr Stephen Hopkins

  • Politics and History of Northern Ireland
  • French and Italian Trade Unions
  • Italian Politics

Dr Philip Lynch

  • The Centre Right in Britain, particularly the Conservative Party and UKIP
  • British Politics and European Integration, particularly Euroscepticism

Professor Laura Morales

  • Political behaviour
  • Political parties in western democracies
  • Governmental responsiveness to public opinion
  • The politics of immigration in western democracies
  • Women and politics

Dr Luis Ramiro

  • Political Parties and other Political and Civil Society Organisations
  • Political Institutions of Western Europe
  • Political behaviour, voting, elections

Dr Alex Waddan

  • US Social Policy
  • US Party Politics
  • The Clinton Presidency
  • The George W Bush Presidency
  • US Foreign Policy Since the End of the Cold War

Dr Richard Whitaker

  • The European Parliament
  • The Westminster Parliament
  • Comparative Legislatures, particularly Committees and Parties in Legislatures
  • Eurosceptic Political Parties

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