X-Ray and Observational Astronomy PhD and MPhil Supervisors

Dr James Aird

  • Statistical studies of large X-ray and multiwavelength surveys used to track the co-evolution of AGN and galaxies.
  • The evolution of Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) and their co-evolution with galaxies
  • Statistical studies using large X-ray and multiwavelength surveys
  • The Athena X-ray observatory

Professor Martin Barstow

  • White dwarfs
  • Sirius-type binaries
  • Interstellar medium
  • Stellar atmosphere modelling

Professor Andrew Blain

  • Formation and evolution of galaxies
  • Complete luminosity of galaxies
  • Use and details of gravitational lensing, again focussed mainly on its effects on infrared sources.
  • Investigating the nature of the ultra luminous galaxies

Dr Matt Burleigh

  • Search for planets and brown dwarfs
  • White dwarfs

Dr Sarah Casewell

  • White and brown dwarfs

Dr Mike Goad

  • Active Galaxies
  • Ultra-luminous X-ray sources
  • GRBs and exoplanets

Professor Paul O'Brien

  • Investigating compact objects in the universe
  • Black holes in Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN)
  • Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRB) at all wavelengths across a wide range in redshift
  • Sources of gravitational waves

Professor Julian Osborne

  • Observations of gamma-ray burst
  • Using wide-angle survey telescopes to find new planets and monitor the variable sky
  • Cataclysmic variables

Dr Mervyn Roy

  • Quantum dots
  • Scanning tunnelling microscopy
  • Electronic structure of semiconductor nanostructures.
  • Graphene photodetectors

Dr Rhaana Starling

  • Gamma-ray bursts
  • Active galaxies, powered by supermassive black holes
  • High energy (X-ray and gamma-ray) transient sky

Professor Nial Tanvir

  • Gravitational wave sources
  • Gamma-ray bursts
  • Galaxy evolution and reionization

Dr Simon Vaughan

  • Active galactic nuclei (AGN)
  • Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) and black hole X-ray binaries in our Galaxy
  • Probes of strong gravity, time series astronomy, Bayesian data analysis in astronomy, and dust-scattering from GRBs
  • Astrostatistics, especially time series analysis

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