Earth Observation Science PhD and MPhil Supervisors

Dr Michael Barkley

  • Satellite trace gas retrieval algorithms
  • Global mapping of atmospheric composition and sources using satellites
  • Differential Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS)
  • Integration of field and aircraft measurements with complex models and satellite data
  • Global and regional modelling of atmospheric chemistry
  • Biogenic VOCs emissions and their impact on climate

Dr Alessandro Battaglia

  • Active and passive remote sensing of clouds and precipitation from ground-based, air-bourne and space-borne sensors
  • Design of space-borne Atmospheric Doppler Radar systems for winds, clouds and precipitation

Dr Hartmut Beosch

  • Satellite-based remote sensing of atmospheric greenhouse gases
  • Development of ground-based and aircraft instruments for greenhouse gas remote sensing
  • Design of new satellite missions for greenhouse gases

Dr Jeremy Harrison

  • Quantitative spectroscopic laboratory measurements for atmospheric remote sensing of trace gases
  • Atmospheric radiative transfer modelling
  • Monitoring trace gases in the atmosphere using satellite instruments
  • Comparisons of satellite-derived atmospheric trace-gas distributions with models
  • Atmospheric chemistry

Dr Eloise Marais

Dr Marais's projects include:

  • New remote sensing products for improved constraints on ozone formation
  • Air quality, climate and ecosystem effects of charcoal production in Africa
  • Tool for determining urban air quality and vegetation health
  • A multiplatform assessment of air pollution over the Atlantic Ocean
  • Using Google Location History to track personal exposure to air pollution
  • Health effects of fossil fuel use in Africa now and in the future

Professor John Remedios

  • Utilising Earth Observation for climate and environmental science
  • Linking surface change with atmospheric composition
  • Improving the uptake of global-scale satellite land surface temperature

Dr Joshua Vande Hey

  • Atmospheric aerosol measurement and low cost optical sensors
  • Environmental data for healthcare
  • Indoor air quality measurement and management
  • Environmentally sustainable transport

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