Film Studies, Photography and Visual Culture PhD and MPhil supervisors

Clara Garavelli

  • Argentine cinema
  • Latin American cinema
  • Hispanic documentary film
  • Videoart
  • Experimental film and video

Nicole Fayard

  • Performing arts
  • Shakespeare in France
  • Translation and interpreting
  • Gender studies and sexualities
  • Gender violence
  • Trauma and reparation
  • Literature
  • Autobiography

Fransiska Louwagie

  • Holocaust literature
  • Jewish literature
  • Migrant writers
  • Self-translation
  • Bande dessinée
  • Contemporary literature

Sheldon Penn

  • 20th century and contemporary Mexican literature
  • Latin American cinema
  • Latin American ‘Boom’ literature
  • Mexican intellectual and cultural history
  • The cinema of Luis Buñuel
  • Applications of continental philosophy and critical theory to Latin American arts

Marina Spunta

  • 20th/21st century Italian literature and cultural studies
  • Postwar Italian cinema
  • Postwar Italian photography; photography and literature
  • Space, place, landscape studies
  • Orality and vocality

Simona Storchi

  • 20th century Italian literature and cultural studies
  • Classicism and modernity
  • Italian intellectual and cultural history
  • Italian modernism and avant-garde (literature and visual arts)
  • Fascism and culture

Maite Usoz de la Fuente

  • Cultural production in Spain from 1975 to the present
  • The movida madrileña
  • Contemporary women’s writing in Spain
  • 'Literatura de la crisis'
  • Postmodernism in Spain

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