Technology, Innovation and Operations PhD and MPhil Supervisors


Dr Matt Allen

  • Organisational discourse
  • Science and technology
  • Creative industries and cultural economy
  • New media
  • Critical management studies
  • Collective memory


Dr Nicola Bateman

  • Public service performance measurement
  • Visual management
  • Continuous improvement
  • Lean operations”

Dr Simon A Bennett

  • Civil and military aviation human factors: teamwork, communication, morale and hierarchy
  • Threat-and-error management
  • Situation awareness
  • Automation, simulation and regulation
  • Aviation incident and accident investigation


Dr Steve Conway

  • The management and/or shaping of innovation
  • The nature and role of social and/or organisational networks in innovation, entrepreneurship, and knowledge creation and sharing
  • Innovation within the public sector, not-for-profit sector
  • Service innovation
  • Innovation as a political or emotional process

Dr John Cromby

  • Feeling, affect, emotion, mood
  • Technology, organisation and management
  • Psychological perspectives on mental health

Dr Michaela Driver

  • Psychoanalytic study of organisations (particularly Lacanianism)
  • Dynamic and subjective experience of identity work, leadership and creativity
  • Food practices
  • Storytelling as a research method

Dr Marta Gasparin

  • Technologies of managing and knowledge management
  • Innovation management
  • Design management
  • Value creation, actor-network theory (ANT), science and technology studies (STS)


Dr Oz Gore

  • Measurement and Evidence-Making Practices in Organisations
  • Science and Technology Studies
  • Critical Engagements with New Public Management
  • Performativity of Knowledge
  • Creativity, Development and the Digital Industries (with a Focus on the Gaming Industry)
  • Organisational Ethnography
  • New Materialism, Process Philosophy, Actor-Network Theory

Dr William Green

  • Creative Industries
  • Design and market research
  • Healthcare and Human Factors
  • Information Systems: Design, Implementation and Adoption
  • Innovation: Theory, and Practice
  • Interdisciplinary research
  • Socio-Technical Systems: Design, Implementation and Adoption
  • User/Human Centred Design

Professor Hugo Letiche

  • Critical communitarianism
  • Social complexity theory
  • The organisation of care
  • Ontogenesis (from Simondon to Stiegler)
  • Autoethnography and 'the turn to affect'

Professor Simon Lilley

  • Experience and Practice of Derivatives Traders, particularly 'Locals' in the Light of Changes to the Technological Platforms on which Trading is Enacted
  • Impact of Large Scale Information Systems Projects, with a particular focus on understanding derived from Post-Structural Approaches to Representation
  • Ethics and Finance
  • Quasi-Objects of Organisation, such as Strategic Models of Organisation
  • Relationships between Evolution and Organisation, particularly the ways in which Versions of Darwin are enrolled in Organisational Legitimation

Dr Keir Milburn

  • Organisation in periods of rapid change
  • Critical and post-structuralist approaches to organisation
  • Social movements and anticapitalism
  • Value production and sustainability
  • Networked production and collaborative technologies
  • Contemporary changes in the experience of work

Dr Nikiforos Panourgias

  • Technology and financial markets
  • Clearing and settlement and the post-trade operations of financial markets
  • Digital creativity and innovation
  • Challenges of valuing digital innovations
  • Cross-disciplinary collaboration in digital innovations development


Dr Nibedita S Ray-Bennett

  • Sociology of disasters
  • Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
  • Health security in disasters
  • Gender mainstreaming in disasters
  • Reflective practice and systems thinking in disaster management - particularly in South Asia and from other developing nations

Dr Sukanlaya Sawang

  • Psychology of entrepreneurship
  • Women entrepreneurship
  • Innovation adoption in SMEs
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Self-employment and small business
  • Cross-cultural study

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