Marketing and Consumption PhD and MPhil Supervisors

Dr Andrea Davies

  • Contemporary and Historical aspects of Consumer Behaviour in particular:
    • Consumer Vulnerability
    • Authenticity and Consumption Groupings
    • The Family
    • Brand Consciousness
    • Inter-Generational Aspects to Consumption
    • Cross-Cultural Behaviour
  • Research Methodology - including Mixing Methodology, Oral History, Advances in Qualitative and Quantitative Technique
  • Brand Theory

Dr Amanda Earley

  • Critical marketing and critical theory
  • Consumer culture theory
  • Cultural, media, sociological, area and gender studies
  • Qualitative methods (ethnography, interview, content analysis, visual analysis, rhetorical analysis, critical discourse analysis, political analysis, film and television studies)
  • Quantitative methods (scale development, survey, economic)
  • Activism, art, sustainability, social media and food studies

Dr James Fitchett

  • Consumer Culture
  • Post Industrial Society
  • Marketing Theory
  • Qualitative Methodologies

Dr Matthew Higgins

  • Pedagogy and marketing education.
  • Waste and rubbish
  • Social enterprises and their role in welfare provision.
  • Consumer apathy
  • Consumer fraud
  • Ethics and social responsibility for SMEs
  • SMEs, marketing and brand development.
  • Sensitive topics on consumer research.
  • Distance learning and student experience.
  • Management of distance learning.

Dr Mihalis Kavaratzis

  • Place/City Marketing
  • Place/City Branding
  • Tourism Destination Marketing
  • Hospitality Marketing
  • Tourism Management and Planning
  • Corporate Marketing
  • Non-Profit Marketing

Dr Ai-Ling Lai

  • The Body in Consumer Culture
  • Identity and Subjectivity
  • Consumption and Culture
  • Advertising and Marketing Communications

Dr Winfred Onyas

  • Market Studies - making and shaping markets and global value chains to address poverty in developing and emerging economies.
  • Frugal and Inclusive Innovation.
  • Mobile money as a market shaping device.
  • Social enterprise at the base of the pyramid.
  • Qualitative research methodologies.

Dr Georgios Patsiaouras

  • Empirical and cross-cultural research on conspicuous consumption practices
  • Contemporary and historical aspects of marketing and advertising theory
  • Sustainability and marketing practices
  • The marketing and consumption of natural resources (with emphasis on water)
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to consumer behaviour

Professor Mike Saren

  • Consuming the Body
  • Computer-Mediated Marketing
  • Material Culture and Market Relations
  • Service Logic and Consumer Empowerment

Dr Jennifer Smith Maguire

  • Cultural producers, cultural intermediaries and the formation of new markets
  • The cultural production and consumption of taste and value
  • Authenticity and provenance markets (e.g. super-premium wine and champagne; artisanal food)

Dr Christiana Tsaousi

  • Consumption and discursive constructions of femininity
  • Sexuality and the body
  • Consumer culture and mundane forms of consumption (e.g. underwear)
  • Construction of identity and body through media
  • Managing identity in social networking sites

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