Law PhD


Prior to coming to Leicester I was studying Academic Studies (London School of Economics and Political Science). My research now is focussed on the Effects of Chemical Castration on Human Rights with respect to the European Convention on Human Rights. Due to the nature of sex crimes, especially against children, current sex offender measures are primarily based around populist punitive sanctions in the USA. For this reason, some punishments can be described as ‘unusual punishments’ such as chemical castration. Therefore, I seek to analyse the applicability of chemical castration against sex offenders in European Countries under the European Convention on Human Rights.

I decided to come to Leicester due to the quality of the University and the Department and also my supervisor. The facilities in the Department are good and I definitely feel as though I have been well supported by the Department.

Leicester is a world-class university and with the educational community, students, faculties and staff it creates a new way of education for you and your future. Due to the location of the University, it is a great place to study. The campus is quite close to the central points but also far away from the noise of the city. Moreover, the wide range of social activities helps new student to integrate into life in Leicester.

Before coming to Leicester, I did not have any idea about the city. It is not as small as I expected. Last year I was living in London and before discovering this city I was thinking of going to London frequently. However, I have never felt any need to go to London because everything I need is in this city. Mostly, I go out for a drink with my friends and the best thing is the pubs or coffee shops which are not so crowded - unlike many places in London. It is also a safe place to live. I am living in University accommodation called The Grange and I arranged it online before coming to Leicester. Actually Leicester is a kind of student city so it is quite easy to find some accommodation. I have not got involved any Students’ Union societies but I use the sports facilities at the university - such as volleyball and squash which I found out about on the university website.

Due to my studies, I had quite a busy year in Leicester and mostly spent my time in the university. Nonetheless, it is really difficult to withstand the temptation of the city! For instance, at the weekends there are different types of entertainments in the town. Moreover, for me the best part of the city is Leicester open market. There are also lots of chances for cultural activities. I guess I should mention that the parks and green places play a major role in the city. When I have finished my studies in Leicester I am planning to apply for a post-doctoral position in America, Canada or England – this is something that I have been planning for a while.

I strongly recommend the city and the university to the new students. ‘Elite without being elitist’ is exactly the right description for how good a university can be.

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