PhD International Commercial Law

I am a PhD student in International Commercial Law, and I am conducting my doctoral research in International Commercial Arbitration. I had my LLM from Leicester as well, during which time I had the chance to represent Leicester in the Willem C Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot.

The impact of joining the University of Leicester has tremendously improved my professional skills and broadened my perspectives on life. During my study experience, I have discovered how academic skills have come to influence nearly every aspect of my life. The ability to reason, for instance, was such a skill that was greatly nurtured at Leicester and proved invaluable in daily life challenges.  

Additionally, working as a tutor has been an unrivaled opportunity that has allowed me to intellectualise and learn through teaching seminars, as well as enhance my overall academic skills. The best part is the pleasant academic atmosphere that we have in each seminar – particularly when all students participate in class discussions.

I feel enthusiastic about my time at Leicester and I know I have chosen the perfect profession and institution.


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