International Law PhD and MPhil Supervisors

Dr Onder Bakircioglu

  • Public international law
  • Collective security system
  • Just war doctrine in Islam and Christianity

Dr Rossana Deplano

  • International Law (Public)

Dr Loveday Hodson

  • Gender, sexuality and law/Feminist theory,
  • International law (public)

Dr Eki Omorogbe

  • ICC institutional and constitutional issues
  • Public International Law - international and regional peace and security ( United Nations, African Union, peacekeeping, peace-enforcement, the use of force, intervention in civil conflicts, military humanitarian intervention, the ‘Responsibility to Protect’ doctrine)
  • International Criminal Court and African situations.

Professor Bernard Ryan

  • Immigration law, nationality law and asylum law.

Dr Paolo Vargiu

  • Public International Law

Professor Katja Ziegler

  • International law (public)
  • Use of force and accountability for the use of force in international and constitutional law

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