Human Rights PhD and MPhil Supervisors

Dr Onder Bakircioglu

  • International human rights law

Ed Bates

  • Constitutional law (human rights protection in UK law)
  • Human Rights and Civil Liberties (Law of the ECHR; legal regime of ECHR; human rights protection in UK law)

Dr Maribel Canto-Lopez

  • Human Rights and Civil Liberties
  • Law of the ECHR
  • Extraterritoriality of Human Rights Treaties

Tony Cole

  • Human rights - relating to labor rights

Professor Peter Cumper

  • Education law,
  • Human rights and civil liberties,
  • Law and religion

Professor Francois du Bois

  • Human Rights and Civil Liberties (impact on private law, esp. law of obligations)
  • Privacy (esp. issues of civil liability and interaction of private law and human rights)

Dr Loveday Hodson

  • Administrative and public law,
  • Constitutional law,
  • Gender, sexuality and law/Feminist theory,
  • Human rights and civil liberties

Professor Liz Wicks

  • Human rights law (especially the Right to Life and Bodily Autonomy)
  • Human rights in healthcare
  • Aspects of the ECHR

Joe Wills

  • Human rights law (especially socioeconomic rights)
  • Animal rights

Professor Katja Ziegler

  • EU rights
  • ECHR
  • Comparative human rights

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