Dispute Resolution PhD and MPhil Supervisors

Masood Ahmed

  • Alternative dispute resolution (in particular mediation)
  • Arbitration law (international and commercial arbitration, including theoretical aspects)

Tony Cole

  • Dispute resolution (including conflicts of laws)
  • Socio-legal studies, including criminal law and justice - relating to arbitration

Cosmo Graham

  • Administrative and public law
  • Competition law
  • Alternative dispute resolution

Professor Pablo Cortes

  • Consumer redress
  • Online Dispute Resolution
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation, Arbitration, Ombudsman Schemes)
  • Comparative civil litigation (class actions, small claims, etc)

Dr Carla Crifo

  • Civil litigation
  • International law (private), including conflict of laws

Dr Paolo Vargiu

  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Arbitration law

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