Company, Commercial and Financial Law PhD and MPhil Supervisors

Dr Ben Adodo

  • Sale of goods transactions and law of agency
  • The mechanics of International sales contract
  • Marine insurance law
  • Carriage of goods by sea (charterparties and bills of lading)
  • Banking law
  • International banking law, including interbank electronic funds transfer
  • Conflict of Laws (private international law), International commercial litigations and enforcement of foreign judgments

Greg Allan

  • Corporate law

Tony Cole

  • Company, commercial and financial law

Martin George

  • Conflict of Laws / Private International Law
  • Carriage of Goods by Sea

Dr Mark Hsiao

  • Banking Law (International Principles of Banking and Finance, Principles of Hong Kong Banking Law, Regulatory Principles of Chinese Banking Law)
  • Comparative (Chinese Banking Law, Securities Interest)
  • Commercial Law (Securities Interest)
  • Corporate Law (Corporate Manslaughter or Corporate Responsibilities)
  • Equity (Charitable Trust, Chinese Trust Law);
  • Financial Law (OTC Derivatives, Securitization)

Professor Peter Jaffey (

  • Corporate law
  • Corporate governance
  • Trusts and equity

Dr Diana Sancho

  • Private International Law issues with a focus on patrimonial law

Janet Ulph

  • Money laundering and economic crime
  • Cultural property law (art and antiquities, museums and the law)
  • commercial law and equity and trusts

Dr Paolo Vargiu

  • International commercial law
  • International economic law
  • International investment law

Horace Yeung

  • Company law
  • Commercial law
  • Financial law
  • Comparative corporate governance

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