Environmental Governance and Social Justice PhD and MPhil Supervisors

Dr Caroline Upton

  • Critical approaches to ecosystem services and valuation practices
  • Contemporary environmental justice mobilisations
  • Environmental governance in pastoral environments

Dr Ben Coles

  • Food, Energy Water (security, justice sovereignty)
  • Perceptions and Understandings of place
  • Commodity processes and relations

Dr Stefano De Sabbata

  • Quantitative, network analysis, and visual analytics approaches to “nature 2.0” analysis
  • Use of Volunteered Geographic Information and Public Participation GIS methods in grassroots movements

Dr Claire Jarvis

  • Spatial analysis
  • Visualisation (2D & 3D)
  • Mediascape

Dr Angela Last

  • Representations of nature in politics, movements and popular culture
  • Environmental controversies
  • Expansion/de-colonisation of geographical history, theory and method

Professor Loretta Lees

  • Urban and Social Sustainability
  • Critical Geographies of Architecture
  • Urban policy/Housing policy

Dr Brett Sylvester Matulis

  • Critical perspectives on ecosystem services, natural capital, and the financialisation of conservation
  • Environmental governance at the global level through large international meetings (e.g. World Conservation Congress, Forest Stewardship Council, COP to the UNFCCC)
  • The interface between conservation politics and new digital technologies, especially social media

Professor Martin Phillips

  • More-than-representational geographies of nature
  • Carbonised countrysides and low carbon transitions
  • Representations of past, present and future natures and rurality

Other PhD and MPhil Supervision Areas

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