Everyday Geopolitical Lives PhD and MPhil Supervisors

Dr Katy Bennett

  • Super diversity, multiculture and policy making
  • Multiculture, conviviality and belonging
  • Work and gender

Dr Gavin Brown

  • The production of geopolitical knowledge about sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Cultural and historical geographies of the international anti-apartheid movement (1960 – 1994) and similar international solidarity social movements
  • Cultural and historical geographies of individuals and organisations associated with the far Left (anarchist, communist and socialist political movements)

Dr Ben Coles

  • Everyday cosmopolitan consumption
  • ‘Making’ places (e.g. streets, markets, etc.)
  • ‘Alternative’ production and consumption practices

Dr Stefano De Sabbata

  • Quantitative, network analysis, and visual analytics approaches to understanding online activism
  • Development and application of Volunteered Geographic Information and Public Participation GIS approaches

Dr Claire Jarvis

  • Framing a locative digital sensorium: Virtual reality, GIS and smell
  • The nature of “everyday” spatial literacies
  • New methods for critically visualizing the food-energy-water nexus

Professor Loretta Lees

  • Resistance to Gentrification
  • Alternatives to Gentrification
  • Scholar-Activism on cities

Dr Clare Madge

  • Aspects of international student mobility, including work focusing on international education from a postcolonial perspective, student mobility within, to and from Africa, and work examining the relationship of social media to international study
  • Creative geographies, particularly focusing on aesthetic intimacy, affective geopolitics and creative methods circulating to/from/within Africa
  • Embodied and emotional geographies of health, focusing in particular on geographies of cancer, including intimate geopolitics of the body and everyday survival

Dr Brett Sylvester Matulis

  • The practice of radical democracy activism in anonymous virtual spaces (e.g. the darknet)
  • The casual racism of the "Internet Hate Machine"
  • Political economies of illicit online marketplaces

Professor Martin Phillips

  • Symbolic and affective constructions of community
  • Austerity and the restructuring of spaces of community
  • Museum and heritage geographies
  • Touristic geographies of stillness and the accelerated sublime

Dr Caroline Upton

  • Environmentality and environmental citizenship
  • Ethnographies of environmental policymaking

Dr Matt Wilde

  • Ethnography and participatory research
  • Everyday urban life, popular politics, activism and social movements, the state, political economy
  • Europe, Latin America and the UK

Other PhD and MPhil Supervision Areas

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