Genetic Epidemiology PhD, MD, and MPhil Supervisors

Professor Nuala Sheehan

  • Methods for Inferring Causality from Observational Epidemiological Data
  • Methods for Estimating Relationships from Genetic Marker Data
  • Graphical Modelling of Complex Problems in Genetics
  • Methods for Incorporating Pedigree Information in Genetic Analyses

Professor Frank Dudbridge

  • Statistical Methods in Genetic Association Studies
  • Prediction of Disease Risk from Genetic Data
  • Mendelian Randomisation for Causal Inference in Epidemiology
  • Integrative Analysis of Genetic, Epigenetic and –Omic Data
  • Evolutionary Analysis of Malignant Tumour
  • Genetic Epidemiology of Cardiovascular Disease, Breast Cancer, and Psychiatric Disorders

Professor John Thompson

  • Methods for the Meta-Analysis of Genetic Association Studies
  • Methods for Estimating Phenotype-Disease Associations using Mendelian Randomisation
  • Methods for Analysing Whole Genome Scans
  • Methods for the Joint Analysis of ‘Omics Datasets

Professor Martin Tobin

  • Investigation of the genetic determinants of common complex diseases and traits, including:
    • precision medicine
    • genome-wide studies of common and rare sequence variation
    • influence of copy number variation
    • lung function and respiratory disease
    • smoking cessation
    • cardiovascular disease and traits, particularly blood pressure
    • genomics in drug discovery, drug repositioning and stratified medicine
    • development and utilisation of new methods for the above studies.

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