Geophysics and Borehole Research PhD and MPhil Supervisors

Professor Sarah Davies

  • Geological interpretation of physical properties and downhole log data for stratigraphic and resource (conventional and unconventional) analysis

Professor Richard England

  • Applications of Seismic and Potential Field Data to the Study of the Velocity structure, Tectonic structure, Composition, and Evolution of the Earth’s Crust and Upper Mantle
  • Relationship between Crust and Mantle Processes and Surface Topography
  • The emplacement of igneous intrusions into the upper crust

Dr Stewart Fishwick

  • Use of Seismology in Understanding the Structure and Evolution of the Lithosphere and Upper Mantle
  • Uncertainty in Tomographic Models
  • Relationship between Seismic Models and the Physical Properties of the Earth
  • How Geophysical Datasets can be Combined to Improve Our Knowledge of the Upper Mantle

Applicants with a strong background in Geophysics and their own funding who are interested in applying seismology to investigate upper mantle structure and the links with regional tectonics can find more information on Dr Fishwick’s research and are encouraged to contact him directly (

Professor Mike Lovell

  • Interdependence of Physical Properties of Rocks Using Measurements on Core and Downhole
  • Laboratory Studies of Electrical and Acoustic Properties
  • Hydrocarbon Reservoir Characterisation
  • Gas Hydrates

Tim Pritchard

Applications of petrophysics with respect to:

  • Predicting the performance of hydrocarbon bearing reservoirs
  • Rock physics for quantitative seismic interpretation
  • Geomechanics, hydrocarbon production optimization
  • Assuring well integrity
  • Data acquisition design in support of decision risk analysis as applied to the exploration, appraisal and development of conventional (clastic/carbonate) and unconventional (tight/shale and coal seam gas) formations

Other PhD and MPhil Supervision Areas

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