Medical Genetics PhD and MPhil Supervisors

Professor Anthony Brookes

  • Exploring DNA sequence variation in humans by technology development, bioinformatics, and genotyping, to understand common disease aetiology, drug responses, genome structure/function, and population genetics

Professor Raymond Dalgleish

  • Development and application of bioinformatic resources for the identification, re-use, and sharing of sequence variation data relating to inherited human diseases

Professor Yuri Dubrova

  • Genetic risks of ionizing radiation and chemical mutagens: germline mutation induction and radiation-induced genomic instability in irradiated human families and laboratory mice

Dr Steven Foster

  • Molecular mechanisms of genome maintenance and cancer suppression
  • Genetic control of cancer cell phenotypes that promote tumour development and evolution

Professor Flaviano Giorgini

  • Exploiting genetic modifiers of neurodegenerative disease to elucidate mechanisms of pathogenesis and identify potential therapeutic strategies

Dr Nicola Royle

  • Telomere molecular dynamics in normal and immortal cells, including cells that use the alternative lengthening of telomeres mechanism
  • Molecular mechanisms and consequences of Herpes virus integration and excision from telomeres

Dr Christopher Talbot

  • Genetic prediction of radiotherapy response in breast, lung and prostate cancers

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