Genetic Variation, Mutation and Evolution PhD and MPhil Supervisors

Dr Richard Badge

  • Roles of retrotransposons (Mobile DNA Sequences) in genetic diversity, genetic disease, and genome evolution of Humans, non-human primates, and rodents
  • Bioinformatics of high copy number repeats in the human genome

Dr Sandra Beleza

  • Studying the genetic architecture, genotype-phenotype correlations, and evolution of complex traits in recently admixed populations
  • Characterisation of the host-pathogen interactions underlying susceptibility to helicobacter pylori in recently admixed populations
  • Investigation into the ethnic origins, demographic history, and contemporary legacies of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, using a combination of ancient DNA and modern DNA analyses

Dr Richard Gornall

  • Taxonomic and evolutionary studies in flowering plants, in particular the Saxifragaceae.
  • Population genetics and molecular ecology of aquatic plants

Dr Edward Hollox

  • Causes and consequences of gene copy number variation
  • Molecular evolution of Tyrosine Kinases

Professor Mark Jobling

  • Y-chromosomal, autosomal, and X-chromosomal haplotypes and the histories of human populations
  • Mutation processes, including ectopic recombination and gene conversion

Dr Turi King

  • Genetic genealogy

Dr Celia May

  • Human meiotic tecombination processes and genome diversity
  • Genome dynamics of mitochondrial DNA and nuclear insertions

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