Plant and Fungal Cell and Molecular Genetics PhD and MPhil Supervisors

Dr Sinéad Drea

  • Developing and using tools for comparative and evo-devo analyses in plants
  • Fruit/caryopsis development in crop species

Professor Pat Heslop-Harrison

  • Molecular cytogentics, genomics, chromatin
  • Biodiversity and its exploitation
  • Bioinformatics, retrotransposons, repetitive DNA structure, evolution and function, cereals, bovids, model plant and animal species, tropical crops

Dr James Higgins

  • Crossover formation in model plants and crop species
  • Cross kingdom analysis of meiotic chromosome behaviour
  • Adaptation and evolution of meiosis in polyploids

Professor Ed Louis

  • Genetic analysis of telomeres in yeast
  • Genetics of yeast hybrids
  • Exploiting natural genetic variation for yeast strain development

Professor David Twell

  • Molecular and cell biology of plant sexual reproduction
  • Functional studies of proteins regulating asymmetric cell division and germ cell specification
  • Genome-wide studies of transcriptional and cell cycle networks in male gametogenesis
  • Gene regulation by small RNAs

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