Renaissance and Early Modern Studies PhD and MPhil Supervisors

Currently, our staff are conducting research on topics ranging from the Elizabethan erotic narrative to Milton; from the history of the King James Bible to the progresses of Elizabeth I; from Samuel Pepys’s reading habits and networks to John Donne’s sermons; and from Robert Burton to student drama. Find out more about Renaissance and Early Modern Studies at Leicester.

Professor Gordon Campbell

  • Richard Hooker
  • John Milton
  • Matteo Boiardo
  • Scandinavian Drama
  • Modern Travel Writing
  • Modern Islamic World

Dr Anne Marie D'Arcy

  • Medieval and Renaissance Wisdom Literature
  • Medieval and Renaissance Iconology
  • Medieval and Renaissance Literature and Political Theology/Canon Law
  • Medieval and Renaissance Romance
  • Langland, Chaucer, and the Gawain-Poet
  • Influence of Monasticism and the Religious Orders on Literature 1200-1500
  • Medieval Mysticism and the Influence of Neo-Platonism
  • 19th and 20th Century Medievalism, especially James Joyce

Professor Martin Dzelzainis

  • John Milton
  • Andrew Marvell
  • Literature and Politics
  • Republicanism
  • Print Culture
  • Libertinism

Professor Sarah Knight

  • Reception of the Classical Tradition in Early Modern England
  • Renaissance and Early Modern Literature, especially Drama and Poetry
  • Schools, Universities, and Inns of Court
  • Neo-Latin Literature
  • Early Modern Translation
  • Editing and Textual Studies
  • Comparative Literature (English, French, Greek, Italian)
  • Rhetoric and Pedagogy

Dr Kate Loveman

  • The early novel
  • The history of reading
  • Seventeenth- and early eighteenth-century life writing
  • oral and manuscript cultures
  • news and pamphleteering
  • Pepys, Defoe, Swift.

Dr Mary Ann Lund

  • John Donne
  • Editing Texts
  • Renaissance Medicine and Illness Writing
  • Print Publication
  • History of Reading

Other PhD and MPhil Supervision Areas



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