Old English and Late Medieval Studies PhD and MPhil Supervisors

Medieval studies in English currently draws on the resources of several full-time members of staff with international reputations in Old and Middle English language and literature, palaeography and manuscript based research.

Research ranges from the vestigial traces of paganism in Old English literature to the early medieval framework of Finnegans Wake, by way of Old Norse and the manuscript culture of later medieval England. Find out more about Old English and Late Medieval Studies at Leicester.

Dr David Clark

  • Gender and Sexuality in Medieval Literature
  • Old English and Old Norse Literature
  • Reception of the Middle Ages in Literature and Film

Dr Anne Marie D'Arcy

  • Medieval and Renaissance Wisdom Literature
  • Medieval and Renaissance Iconology
  • Medieval and Renaissance Literature and Political Theology/Canon Law
  • Medieval and Renaissance Romance
  • Langland, Chaucer, and the Gawain-Poet
  • Influence of Monasticism and the Religious Orders on Literature 1200-1500
  • Medieval Mysticism and the Influence of Neo-Platonism
  • 19th and 20th Century Medievalism, especially James Joyce

Dr Ben Parsons

  • Medieval and early modern comic forms
  • Chaucer and his reputation and reception
  • Textual editing and translation
  • The roles of violence in medieval culture
  • Medieval popular culture
  • Adolescence, youth and education
  • Popular religion and anticlericalism
  • Cultural links between England and Northern Europe
  • The supernatural in medieval and early modern culture

Dr Philip Shaw

  • Old English Language and Literature
  • Pre-Christian Religion and Conversion in the Germanic-Speaking World
  • English Place-Names
  • Onomastics

Other PhD and MPhil Supervision Areas



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