Thermofluids PhD and MPhil Supervisors

Dr Shian Gao

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer, with an emphasis on Direct and Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flows of Engineering Importance

Dr Aldo Rona

  • Unsteady compressible flows
  • Finite-volume, shock-capturing, mesh-adaptive schemes
  • Large Eddy Simulations of unsteady acoustically active flows
  • Finite-difference pre-factored compact schemes for computational aero-acoustics
  • CFD methods for turbomachinery aerodynamics
  • Vortex flows
  • Application of experimental techniques complementary to CFD, such as surface visualisation, schlieren, and time-resolved PIV

Prof Stephen Garrett

  • Boundary-layer transition
  • Stability theory in fluid mechanics
  • Rotating flows
  • Newtonian and non-Newtonian flows
  • Flow control

Dr Audrius Bagdanavicius

  • Thermo-mechanical energy storage systems
  • Smart District Energy Networks
  • Analysis of energy systems, using thermodynamic analysis methods (energy, exergy, exergoeconomic, entropy generation minimisation etc.)

Dr Andrew McMullan

  • Large Eddy Simulation of turbulent shear flow
  • Simulation of turbulent diffusion flames
  • Coherent structures in turbulence
  • Inflow condition modelling for numerical simulation of turbulent flows

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