Embedded Systems and Communications PhD and MPhil Supervisors

Professor Mike Warrington

  • Influence of the Propagation Medium on Radio Systems and on the Development of Techniques to Overcome or Take into Account Propagation Related System Performance Limitations
  • Effects of the Atmospheric (principally the Ionospheric) Environment on the Propagation Characteristics of Radio Waves
  • Development of Techniques to Account for these Effects in Radio System Operation, Development, and Planning

Dr Alistair McEwan

  • Software Engineering and Formal Methods, particularly CSP, Z, and B.
  • Unification and Integration of Formal Methods, including Hoare’s Unifying Theory of Programming
  • Techniques for Systems Specification and Calculated Development of High Assurance Systems
  • Tools for Verification and Implementation including Model Checking and Theorem Proving
  • Implementation Languages and Platforms for Dependable Systems
  • Theory, Practice, Application, and Calculation of Concurrency
  • Hardware Compilation and Co-Design

Dr David Siddle

  • Long Range High Frequency Radio Wave Propagation
  • VHF and UHF Propagation

Dr Alan Stocker

  • Long Range High Frequency Radio Wave Propagation,
  • Ray Tracing and Direction Finding

Professor Tanya Vladimirova

  • High-Performance Data and Image Processing in Embedded Systems
  • Hardware Acceleration of Computationally Intensive DSP Algorithms using FPGAs and ASICs
  • VLSI System-on-a-Chip Design for Hostile Environments with a Focus on Reliability and Low Power
  • Distributed Collaborative Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks

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