Electrical Power and Power Electronics PhD and MPhil Supervisors

Dr Steve Dodd

  • Electrical Breakdown of Polymeric and Composite Materials
  • Development of Experimental, Modelling, and Computer Simulation Techniques for understanding the Electrical Treeing Breakdown Process
  • Dielectric and Optical Characterisation of Polymeric Materials and Composites
  • Condition Monitoring and Assessment of HV Apparatus, particularly the Development of Diagnostic Techniques for HV Bushings
  • Development of In-Service Testing Techniques and Forensic Studies of Breakdown of High Voltage Insulation Systems

Dr Paul Lefley

Power Electronics and the Design and Control of Novel Electrical Machines, including:

  • Development of Novel Reluctance and PM Brushless DC Motors and Generators for High Efficiency and Low Cost and the Sensorless Control of such Machines
  • Ultra-High Speed Power Generation using Micro-Gas Turbines
  • Development of High Power, High Performance Traction Drives for Electric Vehicles
  • Power Electronics and Pulsed Power Applications, including:
  • Ultra-Rapid High Powered Recharging of Very Large Batteries and other Energy Storage Systems
  • Development of High Frequency, High Voltage, Power Supplies for Electrostatic Precipitators to further improve the Dust Collection Efficiency

Dr Bing Ji

Power Electronics and Power Semiconductors including:

  • Design of power electronics converters (AC-DC,DC-AC,DC-DC,AC-AC)
  • Design for reliability and Robustness testing of components and systems
  • Online condition monitoring and Non-destructive testing of power converters
  • Design of digitalized gate drivers for power device
  • High power density converter design for vehicle, aircraft and space applications
  • Build and testing of wide band-gap power semiconductor-based converters
  • Characterization, control, protection, thermal management and cooling for power devices
  • Multi-domain modelling and Multi-objective optimisation simulation

Dr. Harold Ruiz Rondan

  • Advanced modelling, prototyping, and characterization of superconducting machines for aerospace propulsion, electrical power grid, and defense industries.
  • Cloaking Systems. How to make objects invisible to electrical and magnetic fields.
  • Active radiation shielding systems for the aerospace industry.
  • Magnetic levitation technology and Superconducting Bearings for Transport Industry.
  • High performance Superconducting Rotary Machines: SC Generators for ship propulsion and SC Motors for electric vehicles.
  • Resilience and fault protection of power grid by using SC technology.
  • Large-scale modelling and analysis of power systems enabling the share of renewables.
  • Microscopic phenomena in High Temperature Superconductors.
  • Analysis of High Resolution Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopies.
  • Properties of electronic transport in High Critical Temperature Superconductors.
  • Application of variational methods and optimal control algorithms for problems which may include aspects of econophysics, supply chain processes, space image processing, materials science, etc ...

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