Control Systems PhD and MPhil Supervisors

Dr Andrea Lecchini-Visintini

  • System Identification and Data-Based Control-System Design
  • Optimisation and Predictive Control for Complex Stochastic Systems, with application to Air Traffic Control
  • Stochastic Optimisation
  • Monte Carlo Methods

Dr Rafael Morales-Viviescas

  • Control of Active Rotors (such as methods to improve over vibrations among other performance aspects) in Rotorcraft Vehicles
  • Robust Nonlinear Control
  • Robust Control Applications
  • Wind Turbine Control

Dr Emmanuel Prempain

  • Control and Instrumentation Robust Control Theory
  • Gain-Scheduling Control
  • Development of Fixed Order Controller Synthesis Tools
  • Convex Optimisation
  • Application to Advanced Control Systems

Professor Matt Turner

  • Robust Control of Helicopters and Other Aerospace Systems
  • Development of Antiwindup, Bumpless Transfer, and Override Control Techniques for Systems with Isolated Nonlinearities

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