Landscape Archaeology PhD and MPhil Supervisors


Dr Huw Barton

  • Hunter-gatherer studies
  • Australian archaeology
  • Surface archaeology

Professor Neil Christie

  • Late Roman archaeology
  • Early Medieval and Medieval archaeology
  • Defence
  • Late Roman to Early Medieval landscapes

Dr David Edwards

  • Sudanese/Nubian archaeology - including Egypt in Nubia
  • Sudanic Africa/Trans-Saharan perspectives - especially Medieval - Historical/Ottoman archaeology
  • Landscape archaeology - especially in non-European environments

Professor David Mattingly

  • Roman Britain
  • Roman Africa
  • The Roman economy
  • Aspects of Roman imperialism, identity
  • Roman landscapes
  • Saharan archaeology

Dr Alice Samson

  • Indigenous Caribbean archaeology
  • Pre-Columbian and colonial Caribbean
  • Households, settlements and caves
  • Integrated landscapes and religion

Dr Dan Stewart

  • Late Hellenistic and Roman Greece
  • Roman Crete archaeological field surveys, urban and rural

Dr Jeremy Taylor

  • Archaeology of Later Prehistoric and Roman landscapes
  • Archaeology of the Western Roman provinces, especially urban rural inter-relations
  • Relationships between theory and method in landscape-based research

Professor Ruth Young

  • Later Prehistory up to historical periods in South Asia and Iran
  • Ethnoarchaeology
  • Transhumance

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