Medieval and Historical Archaeology PhD and MPhil Supervisors

Professor Neil Christie

  • Early Medieval and Medieval archaeology
  • Urbanism
  • Defence
  • Italy and Spain
  • Late Roman to Early Medieval Christianity

Dr David Edwards

  • Sudanese/Nubian archaeology - including Egypt in Nubia
  • Sudanic Africa/Trans-Saharan perspectives - especially Medieval - Historical/Ottoman archaeology
  • Landscape archaeology - especially in non-European environments
  • Mortuary archaeologies

Professor Sarah Tarlow

  • Archaeology of the period 1500-1900
  • Historical archaeology of Britain and Northern Europe
  • Archaeological ethics
  • Archaeology of death and burial

Ms Deirdre O'Sullivan

  • Medieval archaeology - especially monasticism
  • Medieval to Modern religion; dissolution and reformation
  • Medieval material culture
  • Medieval and Post-Medieval urban archaeology
  • Critical approaches to archaeological heritage
  • Interpretation and presentation of the past

Dr Alice Samson

  • Indigenous caribbean archaeology
  • Pre-Columbian and colonial Caribbean
  • Households, settlements and caves
  • Integrated landscapes and religion
  • Material culture

Dr Richard Thomas

  • Zooarchaeology
  • Past human-animal relationships
  • Animal palaeopathology
  • Agricultural economy
  • Food as material culture

Professor Ruth Young

  • Later prehistory up to historical periods in South Asia and Iran
  • Ideology and material culture
  • Ethnoarchaeology
  • Transhumance

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