Ancient History PhD and MPhil Supervisors

Professor Penelope Allison

  • Pompeii
  • Roman art
  • Roman households 

Dr Mary Harlow

  • Dress and textiles in the Roman period (2nd century BC to 500 AD) in text, iconography and archaeology
  • Roman family (childhood, marriage, adults, old age)
  • Age and ageing, life course studies in Rome
  • Gender in the Roman world

Professor Simon James

  • Violence and military institutions, especially the Roman army
  • Archaeology of the Roman provinces and related cultures 

Dr Jack Lennon

  • Republican and Early Imperial cultural and political history
  • Roman religion
  • Cultural identities
  • Ancient sacrifice
  • The Roman family

Dr Naoíse Mac Sweeney

  • Greek and Ancient Near Eastern history
  • Anatolian history and archaeology
  • Greek historiography and mythography
  • Greek colonisation
  • Heritage and reception studies

Dr Jane Masséglia

  • Greek and Latin epigraphy
  • Ancient body language status and social prejudice in Antiquity
  • Funerary practices and commemoration
  • Anatolia in the Hellenistic and Roman periods
  • Greek monuments and sculpture

Professor David Mattingly

  • Roman Britain
  • Roman Africa
  • The Roman economy
  • Aspects of Roman imperialism, identity 

Dr Andy Merrills

  • Roman and Post-Roman North Africa
  • Late Antique and Early Medieval history - especially in Western Mediterranean
  • Classical and Medieval 'geographical' writing
  • Historiography and historical writing

Professor Graham Shipley

  • Landscapes, politics and economies of Hellenistic Greece
  • Hellenistic material culture and society
  • Greek geographical writings
  • The Peloponnese 

Dr Dan Stewart

  • Late Hellenistic and Roman Greece
  • Roman Crete
  • Text and material culture

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