Geology projects

CENTA projects available for 2017 entry

Project TitleSupervisor/s
Evolution of Organisms and Ecosystems Growth, form and function in problematic Cambrian paraconodonts Tom Harvey / Duncan Murdock / Phil Donoghue

Evolution of Organisms and Ecosystems

Out from the shadow of the dinosaurs? Dietary diversity and niche partitioning in Cretaceous and Palaeocene mammals Mark Purnell / Stephen Brusatte / Thomas Wiliamson / Sarah Gabbott
Dynamic Earth Evolution of Late Palaeozoic Floodplains Sarah Davies / Tom Harvey / Carys Bennett / Tim Kearsey / John Marshall
Evolution of Organisms and Ecosystems 'Pteraichnites' and their implications for pterosaur terrestrial palaeoecology and evolution David Unwin / Mark Purnell / Richard Butler / Peter Falkingham / Brent Breithaupt
Dynamic Earth Crustal controls on craton-margin magmatic ore deposits: insights from south eastern Africa Dave Holwell / Richard Walker / Tiffany Barry / Simon Tapster / Simon Purkiss / Dave Evans
Dynamic Earth Novel green approaches to processing sulfosalt minerals - eletrochemistry in ionic liquids Gawen Jenkin / Andrew Abbott / Daniel Smith / Christopher Stanley
Evolution of Organisms and Ecosystems Ecological drivers and evolutionary patterns: diet, feeding, evolution and extinction in conodonts Mark Purnell / Duncan Murdock / Phil Donoghue
Dynamic Earth Picture Gorge Basalts, Coumbia River large igneous province; the missing link in determining the timing of the most voluminous phase of Miocene volcanism Tiffany Barry / S.Sherlock / Marc Reichow
Dynamic Earth

Hazardous explosive eruptions at a flooded caldera volcano, Philippines

Michael Branney / Dan Smith / Tiffany Barry
Dynamic Earth Structural and experimental investigation of high-temperature, rapid ductile deformation of tuffs at explosive volcanoes Michael Branney / David Holwell / Yan Lavalee
Dynamic Earth Bayesian borehole interpretation methods and their potential application in complex reservoir formations. Max Moorkamp / Mike Lovell / Tim Pritchard

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