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CENTA, the Central England NERC Training Alliance, is a consortium of Universities and research institutes that are working together to provide excellence in doctoral research training within the remit of the Natural Environment Research Council. We will start our next cohort of PhD students in the environmental sciences in autumn 2016, following a recruitment process in February.

CENTA students register for a PhD degree with one of the University partners (Birmingham, Leicester, Loughborough, Warwick and Open University), but they may be supervised also by someone in another of the partners or another organization, or be based mainly in one of the research institute partners (British Geological Survey and Centre for Ecology and Hydrology). As a student you will make your application to the institution of the lead supervisor, but the recruitment process will be handled by CENTA.

As a CENTA student, you will belong to a consortium that is well-resourced to provide you with extensive training to give you confidence in all aspects of your research. A total of around 30 days broad training will be provided in addition to that specific to your individual research topic. We will take you through the whole process of doctoral research in the 3-day Speed PhD and expose you to a wide range of approaches to research since CENTA science is multidisciplinary and many of the important advances in research draw on more than one sub-discipline. You will also have the opportunity to gain experience through a placement in another research laboratory in the UK or overseas, or with a potential future employer.

Through the cohort of CENTA students, you will make a broad circle of friends and colleagues with whom you will work to learn and develop, including an annual festival of CENTA research. Specifically you will have contacts with other students in your field studying in nearby institutions and your supervisors will be able to build on these close contacts for the benefit of all.

Click here to access the CENTA website with a list of projects available to start in October 2017

or instructions on how to apply for a CENTA PhD

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